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A tribute to Nokia and their Smart Phones - A Facebook rant

This is about Nokia. They deserve one.
I have been convincing myself to not do this act for a long time now and I lost to myself today. No matter how silly and weird this may sound, what's got to be done, got to be done. I am angry. Bear with me.
People around me who buy new phones these days couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on my Nokia 5800 even if I keep my mouth darn shut. I would do some base arguing but would brush aside the topic at the next possible turn.
Today a friend of mine who bought a new Phone boasted of a feature with the remark that it would take Nokia several generations to incorporate. The feature was the ability to type faster with a software called Swype which integrated with the Qwerty onscreen Keyboard. (It's a nice application; check it out) His statement was so loaded with Language that I had to pause and reflect within myself for a while to react to it. I couldn’t let it go this time. And that how this rant originated.
Let me tell you some Hi…

Movies that Ground you to Reality – Watch these whenever you are in Confusion.

Fight Club
Should I say anything more about this Movie?
The Terminal
I have never seen a Human being act so original and fresh with raw emotion like Tom Hank’s Character (Viktor Navorski) in the movie. Stranded on an airport with unfriendly people around; his country no longer existing; he works the environment with his human nature and skills and becomes the hero of the Airport from almost nothing. His child like Character and the Deep Integrity makes this movie a feel good Watch. I watch this movie when I feel out of Sync with myself.
Office Space
A series of Events on the life of a dull, bored to death employee; which takes a twist as he visits a hypnotherapist and sees him die! By the Way Jennifer Aniston looks really amazing in this Movie. I can sit all day long and adore her acting.
“It's not just about me and my dream of doing nothing. It's about all of us. I don't know what happened to me at that hypnotherapist and, I don't know, maybe it was just shock and it'…

Movies which everyone should watch before they are 23 years old

#1 Fight Club Quantity: 50 and regular doses whenever needed
Go watch this movie 50 times at a stretch. If that isn’t enough go ahead and Watch this movie when you feel overwhelmed by social dogma shit. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are in their best form ever. I prefer the movie over the book because it’s fast and very visualizing. Don’t forget to listen to the fight club sound track by the Dust Brothers; Very creepy and sexy. You’ll find sound track named like Medulla Oblongata, Psycho boy jack etc.
#2 Breakfast Club
Do you miss those happy school days of yours? Or was it extremely boring like mine? Whatever the case you’ll love this movie. How kids feel about their parents and try to come out of the social bounds; Very well written and directed.
#3 Vick Christina Barcelona Not that Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson are Drop Dead Gorgeous (and you can see them kissing each other too); it’s a very good Woody Allen movie! Now that’s worth a try isn’t it? No seriously, watch it. It’…

How to act busy at work (office) when you really aren’t doing anything at all!

The Hunt

I wrote this Short story about the concept of Future food for a competition from ThinkBig. Well, the result?? I messed up and I messed bad; and that’s why this story is in my blog now. This is a story of a man; a man who wanted to live at peace within him; a man who did not want the world in which it is now; and there is nothing he can do about it.
March 3, 2045

I am hit very badly and Losing Consciousness. My head makes a 360 degree turn as my feet gives up; I start to fall.

When I was young, I always relished nature. Note that I say the previous sentence in sarcastic Past tense. It’s not that I don't admire nature anymore, it’s just that I don't know what made me hate nature so much these days. May be I still love nature; Hate and Love have always been the two sides of the same coin. I find no difference between them.

Too much love becomes hate.
Too much help turns into a nuisance.
Too much Admiration turns to Nausea.

I remember a song from .38 special, “Hold On loosely”; and i…

Internal Male anger

Have you seen the Movie Predator? The guys in the movie have this Calm demeanour as if they could explode in rage any second. Look at the conversations they have between them and I wonder why men these days don’t communicate like that. It’s a long lost art. It this, internal Male anger that kept them running like a powerful machine; in mind and body. Moving forward on my research I Google the term “Internal Male Anger”; only to find that it’s flooded with advice on how to control your anger; on how bad anger is; how it should be crushed to the depth until there is a huge bright light ray of love flowing from you all the goddamn time. Pages and pages of psychobabble shit to control once what were essential drive in every man. To hell suck with life. Am not sayin all anger is good. You get my point. Good boy. What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal, a freely chosen task. —VIKTOR E. FRANKL, Holocaust survivor; author of M…

The Courage of Nature

There was a Drumstick Tree at an edge in my Home. It was growing in a direction towards which it would get more Sunlight (east). If it grew that way, it would put more leaves on the neighbour’s plot which would make it difficult for them to clean it up.

At home, we decided for the tree that it shouldn’t grow that way.

We cut the branches that would grow towards the Sunlight; and the Tree would Start and grow the same way again.

Talk of Obnoxious perseverance.

I remember when I was asked to maintain Pin drop Silence and not move from my place by the Almighty Class Leader when I was in Grade 2 until the Teacher Arrived. The Strict Class leader would write down names and show it to the Teacher who might punish Children for being so alive.

I would sit like a statue in class but move my toes and fingers and Smile within myself about the fact that they couldn’t Control everything in me.

That kind of felt good.

 “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to…