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In secure

Everybody Lies! If you’ve seen the popular Television series House MD, you’ll know what I am talking about. Now let me tell you something. Everybody is insecure! That might appear bad, only when you associate insecure as something bad. The word insecure itself is a simple one. It means “In” “secure”. To be “in” “secure” is to build a wall around us for the sake of our security. Insecure is good, only until some degree. Insecure helps us. Insecure protects us from trouble. The little squirrel is going to run away from you even if you try to feed it the most delicious food on earth. It is insecure. It is how it survives. Though it misses away from being romantically involved in your fascinating pet care (mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew); it would get hunted easily if it wasn’t insecure. But we are not squirrels; though they are so cute. We have the ability to distinguish when we can choose to be insecure and when we need to let go. That primal instinct to be insec…

Know thyself – Prove to thyself

If is often advised to shout “fire”, in case of trouble than to shout, “help”. Why? Cause People are narcissists. We are all selfish jerks to some degree. Fire would make more people come to help you than the word, “help”. People help themselves.
Wait a minute, I forgot something. Let's rewind...
Movie characters! I honestly say that I envy them. They have their own background music, special effects, songs which are carefully written to suit the moment they portray in the movies. No wonder they are called celebrities.
These movie characters come in various sizes, shapes and sexual orientations, but I have always been curious of the silent ones; (you'll know if you've read my previous posts) Stallone in Rambo, Statham in Transporter, Craig in Casino Royale, Diesel in fast and furious. What makes them so sure of themselves? What gives them the confidence at such effortless ease? What makes what they are?
I see them walking and talking the way they do, and that mak…

Xolo Q800 – All in one guide – Rooting, Applications, Underclocking, Updates and more!

Disclaimer: This guide is for XOLO Q800 with the MTK6589 chipsets. For users with MTK6589M, the results may vary. I took some of this information all over the INTERNET. Some I tested myself and found it good. Hence I thank everyone who made it possible. If you want any clarifications please let me know.
As much as possible avoid installing apk outside playstore(s).
UPDATE : Make Xolo Q800 camera work in other camera applications
When using third party Camera Apps in the Stock ROM, the camera output is very dark and bad. This tweak "might" fix it.
Go to the scene mode setting in the 3rd party camera app and set it to anything other than Auto. You'll find that the camera becomes as good as the built in stock Camera. Enjoy.
Eg, In Picsart Photo Studio, open camera, select some scene mode other than auto and Voila! the camera works fine.

UPDATE : Android XOLO Q800 (or any Jelly bean phone for that matter) continuously restarts after installing LBE Privacy Guard

LBE privacy gua…