Know thyself – Prove to thyself

If is often advised to shout “fire”, in case of trouble than to shout, “help”.
Cause People are narcissists. We are all selfish jerks to some degree. Fire would make more people come to help you than the word, “help”. People help themselves.

Wait a minute, I forgot something. Let's rewind...

Movie characters! I honestly say that I envy them. They have their own background music, special effects, songs which are carefully written to suit the moment they portray in the movies. No wonder they are called celebrities.

These movie characters come in various sizes, shapes and sexual orientations, but I have always been curious of the silent ones; (you'll know if you've read my previous posts) Stallone in Rambo, Statham in Transporter, Craig in Casino Royale, Diesel in fast and furious.
What makes them so sure of themselves?
What gives them the confidence at such effortless ease?
What makes what they are?

I see them walking and talking the way they do, and that makes me think that they are so self assured and confident about themselves.

They don't wear their heart in their sleeves and try to kiss ass with everyone in the movie. They act on their own intelligence.

What makes them feel so self assured?
I think that these characters only intend to prove things to themselves. They work hard on things when they are alone and once they have proved the same to themselves, they have nothing to prove to others. That makes them several times sexier in real life.
Their actions are effortless and it makes others look at them in awe.

When I imagine having a look at the mind sets of these characters, it appears as if they play games with themselves; Games which help them prove themselves to themselves. They play these games all the time, step by step, all along. And in the process they get to know who they are and they get to know what they can do.

Just food for thought, cause it is still easy to say, “know thyself” and extremely hard to “know”.


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