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Internal Conflict

He looked at the prettiest face he had ever seen (He knows she’s not that much pretty but let’s give it up for poetic Licence), smiling all the way along with her girlfriends at the Bus Stop. He sees her everyday there. Her hair was long, with the scent he thought he could never resist. So much for feminine beauty.

He had wanted to talk to her for a while now. He summoned up the courage today and finally decided that he is gonna do it. Confident and brave, he steps forward. His heart beats compulsively but his determination continues (he thinks so, wait until he messes up).

Another step forward, he starts to have simulations. The major difference between an animal’s brain and the Human is that the Human can vividly visualise the events which might happen to them the next second, the next year, the next millennium, and the next 99999999999 years to follow. Animals can only sense them as the time and event comes., but limited in their ability to simulate things.

A voice inside him sa…