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Thoughts that come as you take a Walk: Travelling Old Style

I Admit. I love to walk. 
I get to notice all kinds of people and places when I walk than through bike riding. Intricate places, nooks and corners, sweet smells, nasty smells, loving couples, sighting guys, barking dogs, dogs wagging tails, following dogs, dead ends, good roads, bad roads, worst roads, churches, temples, Buses, Places, Hospitals, Parks.
But that’s not why I walk. 
It all started on a day; A day in which I was frustrated. I don’t remember the strangeness of thought I had at that time. All that echoes back in my mind now was that, I was having my lunch alone in a hotel and I was angry about something. 
I had to go to a place which I did not like much. There was time, a little bit of time remaining and I took a purposefully longer path to reach what could have been reached at a small fraction of the time I actually took.
I walked my first kilometre in autopilot; I did not recognise anything other than the thoughts of my pensive mind at that time.I took turns; turns I di…

The point of no return - where courage is either born or vanquished

There comes a point in a man's life where he can't take a step further without answering some tricky goddamn questions. These questions plague him like a disease, torture him, and linger in the back of his mind all the time, mentally killing him. A subtle hope remains that tomorrow might bring in a new answer, but as time passes, the mind looses hope. It gives up trying to answer the question. It no longer cares. I lie down in my terrace, my hair against the muddy floor, the moon stationary above me as clouds drift in between; Careless about the fact that my attire is getting spoilt. I have a friend who reminds me of this quote quite often; "People who don’t take sides in case of an inevitable battle; are Impotent". Impotent is a strong word. I love the interview scene from 3 Idiots (or it's Tamil Remake Nanban)

This (in the video) is what I call real Emotion. No fabrications, no feverish yucky sentiments; he speaks to the essence of what he believes within.