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The Royal Way to use An Android Smart phone or tablet - How and How not to use your Android

I see all this potential in every Android Phone, inhibited and not made use of. I came to the point of Dejection combined with liberal anger when I wanted to write a post on how to use an Android Phone. Let’s start from scratch. Ground Zero.
Use the Live Wallpaper feature if you really want to! Unless you are in no need of the Live Wallpaper Feature (I don’t most of the time), it wouldn’t hurt you to use Live Wallpapers in Your Android Phone/Tablet. High Battery consumption is the primary cause stated for not using the live Wallpaper feature, hey, but you know what, if you want to use a live wallpaper, go ahead and use a live wallpaper. Do what you want with your phone. It’s your phone, you own it, and it does not own you.
Use the Home Button; For Christ’s Sake! One of the very useful and Mind Freeing Feature (philosophy) of Android is that it frees the user from exiting every application that is opened. You don’t have to close anything. The OS cleans up the resources whenever necess…