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How I fell in Love with Linux – A tale of genuine curiosity and discovery

Linux is an Operating System for your computer. If you are not a deadbeat in technology, you must have heard about it somehow.
Let's face it, the first thing that comes to peoples mind when they think Linux is its terminal (to which many are still scared of). Most colleges usually have at least one semester to teach the students basic shell commands in Linux or Unix; mine did. I was a bit allergic to Linux at first, but soon realized what I've been missing so far.
Flashback : Sometime in 2007 – 2008.
It all started one day when with CHIP Magazine which I got from my university and found a DVD in it containing various software. What was printed in the upper half of the DVD caught my attention.
In a green coloured layout was written, “Linux Mint”. I did not know at that time that operating systems are distributed for free in DVDs.
Since then I had the curiosity to try Linux Mint once, but brushed aside the thought since I did not know anything about how to get it to run in my deskt…

All in one Guide to destroy Annoyances in Android – USSD Notifications, Status bar notifications, Annoying events and much more.

This post is specific for Jelly bean. If your android version is lower, the things here may not work.
USSD notifications: If you are annoyed by USSD notifications that appear every time you call, or use the INTERNET, use the android application “Quiet Balance”. It automatically stores your last 25 USSD messages, and you can view them later.
Notification Bar Notifications: If you do not want applications to show notifications, go to the Application Info and check the text box which says “Show Notifications”.
Avoid Advertisements using Adfree (Requires Root): Use Adfree to prevent advertisements from loading in your apps.
Temporary App freeze (without root): You can Force Stop an application in the Application Info. The Application will not notify you until you manually launch it next time. (Some apps do start, but this always buys you time).
Greenify (requires root): Some applications always keep running in the Background. If you don't want them running in the background, yo…

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out while running in The Hedonic Treadmill – Part 2 – The social Life

This is a continuation of my post titled – The Hedonic Treadmill. Please read the other blog post. There was so much I wanted to say in The Hedonic Treadmill, but then I thought I shall put it in a different post to give things more clarity.
The fear of missing out is in all of us. In fact FOMO is good. Without FOMO we would never evolve. We would never learn new things. But like I already stated in my previous blog post, balance is essential. If things could happen progressively governing the balancing rule, everything would happen good in life.

Quiet: The power of introverts in a world That can't stop talking by Susan Cain, was the book which gave me huge insights about introverts and the power of just sitting in silence without talking too much. When I took this book in my hands, I was skeptical that this book is going to speak on and on about how introverts are the greatest people, in a biased context. I soon found out that the writing is absolutely humanitarian. Anyone can re…

The Hedonic Treadmill – Where running is the same as standing – How to not get stagnated in life and beaten in our own game - How to be happy and how to move on

That's a huge title. 
Wikipedia defines the Hedonic treadmill as such. a person makes more money, expectations and desires rise in tandem, which results in no permanent gain in happiness.”
 Now that the topic looks promising, let me tell you a little story.

Five years ago, I had really terrible INTERNET. It was slow, with limited bandwidth. I had to carefully choose the websites I visited to about exceeding my bandwidth. I really wanted a high speed INTERNET.
Then I got into a better plan which gave me an increase in speed. But then Bandwidth was always a problem.
Then I got into a plan which not only increased speed but also gave me unlimited bandwidth within a limited period within a day. But then I had to queue all the videos I wanted to see until this particular period when I got unlimited bandwidth and that was kind of irritating.
The I got into an Unlimited plan. But there was a little compromise on speed. Now I was unlimited bandwidth with the best speed possib…