All in one Guide to destroy Annoyances in Android – USSD Notifications, Status bar notifications, Annoying events and much more.

This post is specific for Jelly bean. If your android version is lower, the things here may not work.

USSD notifications:
If you are annoyed by USSD notifications that appear every time you call, or use the INTERNET, use the android application “Quiet Balance”.
It automatically stores your last 25 USSD messages, and you can view them later.

Notification Bar Notifications:
If you do not want applications to show notifications, go to the Application Info and check the text box which says “Show Notifications”.

Avoid Advertisements using Adfree (Requires Root):
Use Adfree to prevent advertisements from loading in your apps.

Temporary App freeze (without root):
You can Force Stop an application in the Application Info. The Application will not notify you until you manually launch it next time. (Some apps do start, but this always buys you time).

Greenify (requires root):
Some applications always keep running in the Background. If you don't want them running in the background, you can use Greenify. It automatically stops the applications once the application is not used by the user.
Please note that, if you Greenify an app, it will not show you notifications. For Example, if you Greenify Facebook, you will not receive notifications until you manually open Facebook.
If you Greenify Whatsapp, you will not receive notifications until you manually open Whatsapp. That means that if you gotta check something you have to open the app yourself.
So Greenify applications with care. Think.

Automatically reduce volume when Headset is plugged in:
This is one of my biggest annoyances. When I am watching a video through the headsets, if a notification comes in, it screams at the top of its voice into me headset.
You can simply put the phone in Vibrate mode before plugging in the Headset, or make sure that it is automatically done using Tasker.

Stay tuned for more updates.  


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