Android Mobile Phones In India Under 10000 - Updated 25-04-2016

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note I know that this phone is a little costlier than 10k but it is well worth the extra price. The phone has a 5.5 inch display, 1080p display and has a finger print sensor with 3 GB Ram. 
5.5 Inch 1080p display 3 GB Ram 4G Dual sim Expandable Memory 16 GB Internal.  13/5MP camera
Honor Holly2 Plus This phone is interesting. It has great build quality and is slightly lower in price.  5.0 Inch 720pdisplay 2 GB Ram 4G Dual sim Expandable Memory 16 GB Internal.  13/5MP camera
XOLO Black 1X 3GB RAM/32 GB ROM Though this phone is a little aged, it still stands a good phone with a good build quality with decent specifications and attractive looks.  5.0 Inch 1080pdisplay 3 GB Ram 4G Dual sim Expandable Memory (hybrid SIM- No dedicated SD slot) 32 GB Internal.  13/5MP camera
Other Contenders which are slightly lower prices that you may try are: Mi Redmi 2 Prime 4G  InFocus M680 16GB 4G Coolpad note 3 Let us look at the differences in specifications between Lenovo K4 note VS Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus VS Xolo…

Learn Simple Javascript - Addition of two numbers for Beginners

So you decide to read Javascript. That's a good thing. Javascript is a very useful web technology and you will be glad you read this post.
After you read this post you gotta improvise and learn commands as you go along. This is not a classroom. This post will definitely get you started though.

Tools you'll need :

Notepad ++ - Free.Any Browser - Chrome, Firefox - Also Free.
Lets Get started.I assume you have installed the two tools mentioned above.
Open Notepad ++ and paste the following simple HTML into it.

<html><head></head><body> Addition of <inputtype="text"id="text1" value="1"/> and <inputtype="text"id="text2" value="2"/> is <inputtype="text"id="result" value="3"/></body></html>
Save the document as whateveryouwant.HTML. Now go to Run > Launch in Yourbrowser.
You get good and simple text boxes. Now lets write code to add the…


Yes. Seeds. They are important.
Day 1: Imagine Ted. It’s a big beautiful day and he starts sowing apple seeds. He waters. He sets everything straight for the seeds to grow.
He sleeps Happy.
Day 2: He gets up excited to see how his seeds are doing. It’s another fine day and the seeds are still asleep. Dormant. He waters.
Couple years later, he has an apple tree; Giving out fruits and shade. He has thousands of apples now. He can eat all he wants. Let’s rewind. On the second day, how many apples did he get? Zero? I’d say he had 3. He just had to collect it later.
The same happens with anything in life. Just like a fixed deposit in a bank compounds, so does your life. The sooner you start the better you get, soon. A day in the present may not mean much in value, and in the future when you collect, you would know exactly what that days’ worth.
Let me inject a strong logical dosage here contrasting to the apple example.
Suppose, you put up a fixed deposit for 1 lakh which gives you 10% return pe…

How to be Happy - A genuine guide to living lighthearted

Merriam Websters dictionary defines lighthearted as below:

a) Having or showing a cheerful and happy nature
b) Not serious
c) Free from care, anxiety, or seriousness:happy-go-lucky
d) Cheerfully optimistic and hopeful:easy-going
I see this in action when I watch movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Just Go with it etc. These are amazing movies BTW, check them out. The Characters are surreal, perfect and well-crafted into light-heartedness. They appear cool and effortless, not disillusioned by life’s daily chores and trauma. They feel so good to be around, and appear blissful all the time.
I always wonder what it is to have the mind-set of these people. The following, I observed is what light-heartedness is NOT about:
1.“All time Positivity” – You cannot force yourself to be positive at times when you are anxious. There is an ever going trend in the internet that positivity and confidence will get you out of anywhere. But like every other energy, positivity and confidence are not available…

How to save more Money by reducing your electricity bills – The all in one guide for all that you need to know about electricity consumption without too much technical details

Did you know that you can save more money by reducing the consumption of electricity in your home?You don’t have to become a miser and switch off everything. Some equipment are better than the others in how efficiently they consume energy into work. Using the better variant will help you save money and reduce the huge energy demand we are placing on Mother Earth.
I have a sheet attached below, which will help you calculate the savings by replacing the old with the efficient.

Let’s look at the common sources of consumption and its better alternative.
Air conditioners / Fridges:
Air conditioners have Star ratings which tell you how much less energy they consume for the same amount of work. But beyond star ratings, we have…… Taa daaaa……
Inverter Air conditioners and Fridges: Energy Savings: Up to 60%
Inverter technology is the way to go for these devices. Contrary to what many people think, inverter ACs are not runnin…

The Manly way to generate more Intelligence and brain power

Everybody wants to be intelligent, but no one wants to develop it. Intelligence is made and it is not something you are born with.

For some people, the ability to be social and recognize social situations and act accordingly is Intelligence. 
Intelligence is knowing how to get wealthy for a person who wants to dwell in luxury. 
Intelligence is knowing how to get those six packs through diligent exercising. 
Brain power is very subjective and you have to have your own definition of that. And you may have more than one definition across different areas of expertise. 
One of the most generic form of brain power is called Presence of Mind.  And like any other brain power, it can be cultivated. 
And here is how it can be done.......
1. Have more experiences You cannot sit in a room and think your way through life. You have to experience Life to live it with a heightened sense of being alive and hence with good brain power. 
2. Get as many perspectives as you can The more perspectives you get…


When Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables was being published in Paris during 1862, he was out on a vacation. Curious to know how the sales of his book, he sent a brief telegram to his publisher.
And the publisher responded equally brief, indicating that the sales is good.
The entire lot printed for Paris had sold out.
Ah, that reminds me of the movie Predator. The way by which these guys communicate while on mission has sunk deeply into my brain. I thought, maybe that’s how guys behave when they have a strong affinity towards accomplishing a goal. They do shit and talk very less. They communicate what is important and they make sure that the other person understands what is said.
The absence of clarity in communication has wreaked havoc in our society resulting in countless fights amongst couples, disorganized organisations and an alarming increase in the rise of unnecessary guidance counsellors and an extreme lack of communicating with self, leading to all kinds o…