How to save more Money by reducing your electricity bills – The all in one guide for all that you need to know about electricity consumption without too much technical details

Did you know that you can save more money by reducing the consumption of electricity in your home? You don’t have to become a miser and switch off everything. Some equipment are better than the others in how efficiently they consume energy into work. Using the better variant will help you save money and reduce the huge energy demand we are placing on Mother Earth.

I have a sheet attached below, which will help you calculate the savings by replacing the old with the efficient.

Let’s look at the common sources of consumption and its better alternative.

Air conditioners / Fridges:

Air conditioners have Star ratings which tell you how much less energy they consume for the same amount of work. But beyond star ratings, we have……
Taa daaaa……

Inverter Air conditioners and Fridges: Energy Savings: Up to 60%

Inverter technology is the way to go for these devices. Contrary to what many people think, inverter ACs are not running on inverter batteries. They have a system which s not in the scope of explanation in this article. But one thing is true: They consume much lower energy than the Normal AC. The inverter ACs save you an average of up to 50 - 60% when compared to traditional Air conditioners. Though wattage of the two Air conditioners will be similar, the way they run and expend energy is different. The more you use, the more the savings.

It is like two bikes of the similar capacity, one (normal ac) running in first gear all the time (using more energy) and another (Inverter tech AC) switching gears as the speed increases (using the least energy).


Bypass CFL totally and get the LED bulbs.
They last longer.
They save better.
They give you advantages like dimming, better light control and easy automation.
SAVINGS CALCULATOR (by replacing the non-efficient consumer)
Running Hours/day
UNITS per year
Zero Watts incandescent Bulb
0.5 W LED

In the above scenario, over a year the money saved over a bulb which runs 24 x 7 is around (103.68-4.32) x Rs 5 (assumed cost per unit) = 497 Rs.

The LED bulbs especially from reputed companies usually last much longer in double digit years.

There you go, AC and lighting are the biggest consumers in our homes, handling them will put more money in your wallet and more resources for the future generations. You may not get rich, but the next time you won’t be worrying much when you have to turn on the Air conditioner. 


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