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Learn Simple Javascript - Addition of two numbers for Beginners

So you decide to read Javascript. That's a good thing. Javascript is a very useful web technology and you will be glad you read this post.
After you read this post you gotta improvise and learn commands as you go along. This is not a classroom. This post will definitely get you started though.

Tools you'll need :

Notepad ++ - Free.Any Browser - Chrome, Firefox - Also Free.
Lets Get started.I assume you have installed the two tools mentioned above.
Open Notepad ++ and paste the following simple HTML into it.

<html><head></head><body> Addition of <inputtype="text"id="text1" value="1"/> and <inputtype="text"id="text2" value="2"/> is <inputtype="text"id="result" value="3"/></body></html>
Save the document as whateveryouwant.HTML. Now go to Run > Launch in Yourbrowser.
You get good and simple text boxes. Now lets write code to add the…