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I told you I was famous!

FLASH NEWS : UFO sigthing with a message from the Extra terrestrials!!!

A 23 years old Ranjith Gomez living in Chennai, had an astonishing experience this morning. In his usual morning chores, while practicing Nunchaku in his house terrace noticed a sudden change in the sky. All of the sudden, the sky turned deep red and the wind took up its speed. That was when an UFO emerged! To his surprise, there was a intense bright glow from it which flashed an image of an unknown creature(which was later reported to be the Extraterrestrials!) and it left a message in a cryptographic code on the sky. Ranjith with his fast impulse took a snap of this incidence and reported to the locals. This kind of incidence has taken place around many parts of the world leaving the same trails, an image of an unknown creature and a cryptographic code. Scientist find this really exciting as they finally found a proof for the existence of extra terrestrial life and our race is not entirely alone in the whole uni…

(UPDATED!) DOMO Slate N8 Review and Unboxing – A very Affordable Tablet power packed with features

(This is my review of the DOMO slate N8 tablet from Homeshop18.)

Finally, I decided that I need a tablet; especially for watching all my favourite videos and reading pdf eBooks and browsing simple websites without having to switch on my Laptop or Desktop.After making sure that a new tablet is absolutely necessary for my lazy Survival, I started searching for a perfect one.
And that’s how I got my eyes on the DOMO slate N8 tablet.
DOMO Slate N8 Tablet has an 850 MHz Processor and runs Android 2.2.
The Best Bargain here is; I got it for 4990 from homeshop18. (Homeshop18 is the only online store from where you can get this tablet). It has a 7 inch Capacitive Multi-touch touch screen and supports Adobe Flash which means you can watch YouTube videos directly on the device.
I ordered the Tablet and got it in 4 days delivered via Cash on Delivery.The Tablet has a 6 month Warranty period.

--Best Features--
Light Weight:
It Weighs only 230 grams. My wrists don't hurt when I carry it all a…