(UPDATED!) DOMO Slate N8 Review and Unboxing – A very Affordable Tablet power packed with features

(This is my review of the DOMO slate N8 tablet from Homeshop18.)

DOMO SLate N8 after Updating Firm ware

Finally, I decided that I need a tablet; especially for watching all my favourite videos and reading pdf eBooks and browsing simple websites without having to switch on my Laptop or Desktop.After making sure that a new tablet is absolutely necessary for my lazy Survival, I started searching for a perfect one.

And that’s how I got my eyes on the DOMO slate N8 tablet.

DOMO Slate N8 Tablet has an 850 MHz Processor and runs Android 2.2.

The Best Bargain here is; I got it for 4990 from homeshop18. (Homeshop18 is the only online store from where you can get this tablet). It has a 7 inch Capacitive Multi-touch touch screen and supports Adobe Flash which means you can watch YouTube videos directly on the device.

I ordered the Tablet and got it in 4 days delivered via Cash on Delivery.The Tablet has a 6 month Warranty period.

--Best Features--

Light Weight:
It Weighs only 230 grams. My wrists don't hurt when I carry it all along; reading books.

Direct USB:
This is by far the best feature of the Tablet. The Tablet has a Direct USB 2.0 slot (like the one on any desktop computer). I bought a 16 GB Micro SD card for the tablet and found no use for it as the tablet can plug directly with my pen drive. I can play any video/Audio/Document directly from my Pen drive; Makes life a lot easier.

The Tablet also supports a micro SD card up to 32 GB.

My Bluetooth Mouse couples with the tablet so well!

The Tablets Wi-Fi is of a short range and hence I am unable to wander too much far away from the Wi-Fi source. But it’s pretty Decent.

Applications/Android Market:
Full support to Android Market and its applications. I can installanything I want.The Tablet Multitasks a bit sluggish I should say. After installing more than 10 Applications, it turned awfully slow.  I would recommend uninstalling any application which you don’t use and keep it trim.
I use and recommend the following applications:

File Manager: Xplore for Android. I have been using this software from my 6600 to 5800 and now in this device and so far nothing beats it.
Video: The Inbuilt player plays smooth. I use Moboplayer in combination with the inbuilt player for options.

PDF reading/ EBooks: I use Beam reader and Aldiko. Beam reader for PDFs and Aldiko for reading eBooks in the epub format.

Browsing: There are a lot of browsers available, select the one which suits your needs. I find the inbuilt browser to be quite enough.

Preloaded Applications:
The Tablet is preloaded with the Complete Office Suite and Foxit reader which Makes it easy to create, Edit and View Word Documents, Spread sheets and PowerPoint Presentations and View PDF Files. The Pdf loading of course is a bit Sluggish. I use Beam reader as it loads a lot faster and has the text wrap Feature.

Resistive Multi-touch Touch Screen:
Initially I found the resistive touchscreen to be a bit slow and non-responsive, but then after a week the Screen magically suited to my needs. I guess I learnt to use it effectively on the go. The screen supports multitouch too!

Audio is adequate for watching videos. Though I always use a head set / Ear phone for better clarity.

The Phone Plays 720p HD videos with ease with a resolution of 800 x 480 and an Aspect ratio of 16:9. I use the Moboplayer to play any format from AVI to MKV all loaded in a package. The Inbuilt Movies Player is adequate enough!

3G Connectivity:
I haven’t checked this one yet, but the tablet is built to support 3G dongles.

It has a 2400 mAh battery and I can watch my videos up to 3+ hours together. I still haven’t noted down the exact standby time, but it seems to be pretty decent too so far.

Bottom line: Best Suited For Watching Videos in 720p, Reading EBooks and browsing. Period.
If you are a serious Gamer/ involved with Heavy Applications/ Application Freak, this tablet is definitely not for you.
I bought the DOMO Slate N8 Tablet for watching videos, Browsing and Reading documents; and it definitely suits my needs. I highly recommend buying this tablet for a similar very basic need. The DOMO Slate N8 is power packed to the max for its Price tag with useful adequate and graceful features. It made my day.

For the Full Specification of the Tablet Visit: http://www.domoindia.com/n8.html

NEW : Custom ROM for DOMO Slate : http://theexasperatedman.blogspot.com/2012/12/Custom-ROM-for-DOMO-Slate-N8-rooted.html


Ishan said…
Capacitive or Resistive, make up your mind..
Aarvin.M said…
You did tell any thing about camera.

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