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Go easy On your EYES while using your PC and Laptop! Redshift - An alternative to Flux on Linux

Redshift is a small command line interface utility that helps in lowering the colour temperature of your monitor.

Wait. Wait. Do not be worried about the command line utility, it's fairly simple. Piece of cake.

You can install it in Ubuntu by typing the command in the terminal.
sudo apt-get install redshift. 

Or use synaptic to search and install it.

Once installation completes, you gotta give the application your location coordinates for it to alter the colour temperatures (aka dim down the monitor).

Just Google for the approximate coordinates for your location.

Then enter the following in the terminal.

redshift -l [lat]:[long]

e.g, the coordinates of India are 21.0000° N, 78.0000° E.

so accordingly the command would be : redshift -l 21:78

Make sure you pick the location of your correct time zone, else there might be a delay in which the colour temperatures change.

Make sure that this command is put in start up, so that the process is automated henceforth, and you can forget abou…

(Solved) BCM4312 – Fix Broadcom wireless connectivity problem in Linux Mint – Kernel Panic after connecting to Wireless

I took this solution from the following link : Credits go to the original Author. This is for BCM4312 chipset only (as stated in the original post). To be very specific, this is for BCM4312 LPPHY chipset. I am re writing the same because it was very difficult for me to search and obtain this answer when I had the same problem, and this is the only solution that helped. Hope, posting it in a detailed manner helps! A lot of suggestions were to open the driver Manager (Linux Mint 15) and select the Broadcom device for usage. (But this only resulted in Kernel panic as soon as I connected to Wi-Fi and started using it. May be this is because my chipset was BCM4312 in the Dell Inspiron. ) DO NOT DO THIS IF YOUR CHIPSET IS BCM4312! (You can identify what chipset your wireless is, using the hardware information software which came with Linux Mint KDE.) I did a fresh upgrade and did the following as suggested in the link above (Yo…