Go easy On your EYES while using your PC and Laptop! Redshift - An alternative to Flux on Linux

Redshift is a small command line interface utility that helps in lowering the colour temperature of your monitor.

Wait. Wait. Do not be worried about the command line utility, it's fairly simple. Piece of cake.

You can install it in Ubuntu by typing the command in the terminal.
sudo apt-get install redshift. 

Or use synaptic to search and install it.

Once installation completes, you gotta give the application your location coordinates for it to alter the colour temperatures (aka dim down the monitor).

Just Google for the approximate coordinates for your location.

Then enter the following in the terminal.

redshift -l [lat]:[long]

e.g, the coordinates of India are 21.0000° N, 78.0000° E.

so accordingly the command would be : redshift -l 21:78

Make sure you pick the location of your correct time zone, else there might be a delay in which the colour temperatures change.

Make sure that this command is put in start up, so that the process is automated henceforth, and you can forget about your eye straining again.

Happy computing. 


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