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The Consciousness test – To live a life worth living

From time to time, I give myself a consciousness test to see if I am truly alive or numbed by events that day. The consciousness test involves asking myself a trivial question whose answer I have to obtain in order to prove conscious living. Sometimes I have the answer, sometimes I do not.
Example questions are thus. How many stairs where there in my house leading to the terrace? Recite the poem, IF by Rudyard Kipling. Remember an exact dialogue of a character from a movie of my choice. Etc.
The consciousness test pulls me back from wandering thoughts into reality. However there were times when I have failed miserably in it.
Every time, I fail in the consciousness test, it figured to me that the day was too hasty to be good. I hate living that way. It may seem as if I am moving forward, but there is not concrete qualifier for my improvement.
So I am lying on my bed yesterday night and the idea hit me. Another test.
Task : Note down all the sounds at this instance and recite…