The Consciousness test – To live a life worth living

From time to time, I give myself a consciousness test to see if I am truly alive or numbed by events that day. The consciousness test involves asking myself a trivial question whose answer I have to obtain in order to prove conscious living. Sometimes I have the answer, sometimes I do not.

Example questions are thus.
How many stairs where there in my house leading to the terrace?
Recite the poem, IF by Rudyard Kipling.
Remember an exact dialogue of a character from a movie of my choice. Etc.

The consciousness test pulls me back from wandering thoughts into reality. However there were times when I have failed miserably in it.

Every time, I fail in the consciousness test, it figured to me that the day was too hasty to be good. I hate living that way. It may seem as if I am moving forward, but there is not concrete qualifier for my improvement.

So I am lying on my bed yesterday night and the idea hit me. Another test.

Task :
Note down all the sounds at this instance and recite them tomorrow morning on my blog. I have to remember them without losing any.
Here we go.

Sounds of the night

The ticking clock
The muffled sound of vehicles on the street.
The air conditioner

Well, that was obvious. Going deeper.

My head brushing against against the pillow.
The refrigerator compressor starting in the next room.
Heart beat.
Bed sheets against the bed and my hands.
Me breathing.

Going deeper.

Sound of me thinking this.
Sound of me thinking about writing this in a paper. The pen against the paper.
Sound of silence.
That's all I can remember right now.


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