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What success is NOT! - The Anti-definition of success

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. -Bob Dylan
Politically correct words have grown beyond my liking. Words like Productivity, Success, Efficiency, Enlightenment, growth and continuous improvement only make me puke. I wondered why there is such a bad relationship between me and the words , and I found out that I have been using these words without knowing what they really meant, and the overdose made me immune to them.
It might appear to be common sense, but we don’t have a fixed definition of what these terms mean. They are logical statistical terms representing numbers and their god damned relationship.
The at-most power a human being has, or any organism for that matter, is the power to define Happiness. However, we are normally forced upon a completely mystical form of success which is only imparted and thrust upon us rather than we choosing what to be done in our life time, which drains our happines…

A Beginner's guide to setting up an electric guitar and its accessories

When I first got my electric guitar I didn’t know how to set it up properly to play all the cool riffs these electric guitar guys played. I asked some guitarists, certain questions before I figured it all out. It might seem like common knowledge among the guitar world, but trust me, there was a time in which I didn’t know what to do, what to buy.
So, I thought I'd put up a very basic set of requirements for setting up an electric guitar to start playing and a little bit more than, just playing.
Things you'll need: ·Power supply. ·An Electric Guitar. ·A fully chromatic tuner. ·Picks for playing. ·Spare strings. ·An amplifier (with a speaker attached to it). ·A guitar effect pedal if you want to pitch in some fuzz and distortion and other cool effects. ·Cables, cables and more cables with 6.5 mm jack! They connect the guitar, amplifier and the pedals and your laptop. They connect everything! ·Adapters for conversion from 6.5 mm to 3.5 mm and vice versa just in case you need to plug in …

The Tipping point of decisions - Thoughts breed - They literally do!

Are you kidding me?
I wonder why they used the word "breed'", when they wanted to describe the fact that "familiarity breeds contempt". They could have said, "Familiarity gives rise to contempt" or, "familiarity results in contempt", but why, "breed"? I guess that's the power of vocabulary of a language; fascinating, as I think about it.
Thoughts breed, they literally do.
Imagine something which you've wanted to do over a period of time. You weigh the options, and you think about it. You keep thinking and one day you finally decide on it.
That's how I bought my first guitar. I knew nothing about guitars and music. All I wanted to do was to play like the guys played in my favourite bands. I would see these huge concerts on YouTube and imagine myself playing the guitar. But when I wanted to start playing, the uncertainty of my path would make me prevent from making a decision. And on one fine day, it all snapped. I decid…

Pushing the limits! – How much is too much?

I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none. -William Shakespeare - Macbeth Act 1.
I bought a laptop somewhere before two years. It was fast at the start, but the more programs and stuff it got loaded onto it, the more slower it got. The more slower it got, the more desperate I got, every time I switched it on.
It's just that too much crap got over it over a period of time. Software I didn’t even use anymore was still on the hard drive. So much shit got accumulated and it was one hell of a mess to start correcting. So, I did a very easy thing. I formatted it.
Got a fresh version of windows running and then installed the necessary software only whenever it was needed.  However I still think that over a period of time, more crap is still going to get accumulated and thus will go out of control once again. I can say that much confidently; the crap in the making.
When I run too many applications at the same time, too many processes ran, overheating the system and re…