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The jamesbondian lifestyle

It's been a while, since I've been active in here. Today, I am all in for a quick question.
What comes to your mind when you think of James bond?
Wait. Don't answer. Just imagine him. The way he moves, the mannerisms, the vocabulary, the body language.
Now answer my question.
What comes to your mind? Cuddly women. Costly cars. Champagne. Rolex. Tuxedo Martini Luxury Lifestyle. James bond is one of the perfect identity for a role model considering a lifestyle choice. But what exactly is his lifestyle? Driving 10 second cars? Sleeping with as much women as possible?
Amongst the seriously distracting by-products of his lifestyle, it is very hard to determine the core of his lifestyle choices. But I find that he has two specific lifestyle philosophies which get him the jamesbondian life.
Choice #1 He is sophisticated. The scene on casino royale, where he orders up a very specific method of preparation for his drink, shows this attitude. It is so contagious, that the other guys decide t…