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The poised mind – Why we easily give up on the things which we really don’t give a damn :P

The deception of an Innocent Papa – Emotional Masturbation Part 2 
As I woke up this morning and went to my terrace after a very long time before sunrise, I noticed that everything was still, Peaceful, No motion, No one to disturb. 
I noticed something else. There was a balance; a balance which felt so uncommon. Like everything within you moving towards a single direction.
Every part of my human psyche moved in pursuit of a single goal: >to do nothing that morning. Just stand out there and do nothing; nothing at all.
Wait a Minute. That was kind of lame. I went to the terrace for a different reason. I wanted to practice my Nunchaku, which I gladly ignored once I got there. 
I have been finding this cycle within me again and again. One part of my personality would want something, and when the time for the situation occurs, another personality would take over and want something else. Have you ever sincerely planned on waking up early morning to do something, only to find…