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(Updated!) Xolo Q800 – A review with pros and cons

UPDATE: Whatever is written below applies for the Xolo Q800 phones with MTK6589 chipsets. The Q800s with MTK6589M chipsets may or may not qualify for what is written down here. (I think that the phones which costed less than 12k have the MTK6589M chipsets. )

Android smartphones are everywhere these days. They run the latest operating system and they are all identical. You try out different brands and they all have the same android. At the time of this blog post, it is Jelly bean.
So, what makes a smartphone different from another. They all have IPS screens, HD playback, ble... all sorts of common stuff.
Xolo Q800 is a smartphone and here is where the difference is.
1. There are absolutely no bloatware in the device. The device is pure stock Jelly bean. There is one app called Xolo care which just sits silently in the corner helping you to check updates to the operating system and contact customer care. Too bad I don't have to root it now to remove the bloatware…