What success is NOT! - The Anti-definition of success

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night
and in between does what he wants to do.
-Bob Dylan

Politically correct words have grown beyond my liking. Words like Productivity, Success, Efficiency, Enlightenment, growth and continuous improvement only make me puke. I wondered why there is such a bad relationship between me and the words , and I found out that I have been using these words without knowing what they really meant, and the overdose made me immune to them.

It might appear to be common sense, but we don’t have a fixed definition of what these terms mean. They are logical statistical terms representing numbers and their god damned relationship.

The at-most power a human being has, or any organism for that matter, is the power to define Happiness. However, we are normally forced upon a completely mystical form of success which is only imparted and thrust upon us rather than we choosing what to be done in our life time, which drains our happiness and keeps us busy enough.
In the book, Fire in the Belly, on being a Man, Sam Keen states two questions that are to be asked to oneself.
1.       Where am I Going?
2.       Who will go with me?
These questions are to be asked in the exact same order.
Note : These questions are to be asked in the exact same order.
Ask the questions in the reverse order and you are...Well, Let me illustrate.

Remember the Sledge dogs, which run in pairs one behind the other pushing a sledge in the snow? Well, this is a very sad truth, but the two dogs which run in the front get to see the snow and the wonderful terrain, while the rest of the dogs only get to see, ass. You get my point, don’t you?

PS: By the way, I really encourage you to read the book, Fire in the belly, On being a man, by Sam Keen; a very interesting read.
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