Yes. Seeds. They are important.

Day 1:
Imagine Ted. It’s a big beautiful day and he starts sowing apple seeds. He waters. He sets everything straight for the seeds to grow.
He sleeps Happy.

Day 2:
He gets up excited to see how his seeds are doing. It’s another fine day and the seeds are still asleep. Dormant. He waters.

Couple years later, he has an apple tree; Giving out fruits and shade. He has thousands of apples now. He can eat all he wants.
Let’s rewind. On the second day, how many apples did he get?
I’d say he had 3. He just had to collect it later.

The same happens with anything in life. Just like a fixed deposit in a bank compounds, so does your life. The sooner you start the better you get, soon. A day in the present may not mean much in value, and in the future when you collect, you would know exactly what that days’ worth.

Let me inject a strong logical dosage here contrasting to the apple example.

Suppose, you put up a fixed deposit for 1 lakh which gives you 10% return per annum for a period of 1 year.  All values are approximated.

On the next day how much your fixed deposit would have grown? Let’s do some approximate math.

(10/365/100*100000)/365 = 0.075061 Rs.
You’ll now have 100000.075061 in your account on the second day. You can now cash out the deposit and get just the 0.07 Rs in interest. Hell you’ll get lower than that because banks charge a penalty on the interest if withdrawn earlier.
Let’s assume you didn’t get greedy and waited a whole year.
On the 366th day your account would have grown by 10/100*100000 = 10000 Rs.
 Or 10000/365 = 27 Rs/ Day.

Equating it back to the second day, you would have generated 27 Rs (as against 0.075 Rs), if you had held on to the duty of keeping the money in the deposit.

I hope you get it. If not, get a good night’s sleep. You’ll get it… Eventually.


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