FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out while running in The Hedonic Treadmill – Part 2 – The social Life

This is a continuation of my post titled – The Hedonic Treadmill. Please read the other blog post. There was so much I wanted to say in The Hedonic Treadmill, but then I thought I shall put it in a different post to give things more clarity.

The fear of missing out is in all of us. In fact FOMO is good. Without FOMO we would never evolve. We would never learn new things. But like I already stated in my previous blog post, balance is essential. If things could happen progressively governing the balancing rule, everything would happen good in life.

Quiet: The power of introverts in a world That can't stop talking by Susan Cain, was the book which gave me huge insights about introverts and the power of just sitting in silence without talking too much. When I took this book in my hands, I was skeptical that this book is going to speak on and on about how introverts are the greatest people, in a biased context. I soon found out that the writing is absolutely humanitarian. Anyone can read this book. Apart from being a very interesting read, it also concentrates on a deep social problem which we face these days. The increase in the need to be social. Being social is good, but the problem begins when we start comparing people based on their social behavior. The book has stories of children whose mothers found their kid's silent nature as a disease and sought treatment. How obvious can it be?

Balanced Social activity and FOMO helps us. They keep us in company, gives us new things to talk about, new things to do about.
Excessive FOMO combined with the need for increased social activity becomes a problem. Some people are built this way, and they thrive this way. It comes naturally for them, but for the others, keep reading.

One Art of manliness post titled,5 Types of Friends Every Man Needs”, speaks of five kinds of friends we need to have a balanced life. The article is impressive and states that a man must have the following five friends.
  • The Mentor.
  • The Wingman/Bachelor.
  • The Handyman
  • The Fitness Bluff
  • The Work pal.
Be sure to read the beautiful descriptions of the above five types of friends in the post. You can find the article here :

What came to my mind as soon as I completed this post was what kind of person can I classify myself? Am I a mentor? A Handyman?
We all come to belong under different spectrum in different times, but a well balanced man would strive to be good at being such a friend as the above five types and also have such friends contribute things to his life. I think that is in a nutshell how a well balanced social life can bring good things to us. That concluded this blog post. 

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