The point of no return - where courage is either born or vanquished

There comes a point in a man's life where he can't take a step further without answering some tricky goddamn questions. These questions plague him like a disease, torture him, and linger in the back of his mind all the time, mentally killing him.
A subtle hope remains that tomorrow might bring in a new answer, but as time passes, the mind looses hope. It gives up trying to answer the question. It no longer cares.
I lie down in my terrace, my hair against the muddy floor, the moon stationary above me as clouds drift in between; Careless about the fact that my attire is getting spoilt.
I have a friend who reminds me of this quote quite often; "People who don’t take sides in case of an inevitable battle; are Impotent". Impotent is a strong word.
I love the interview scene from 3 Idiots (or it's Tamil Remake Nanban)

This (in the video) is what I call real Emotion. No fabrications, no feverish yucky sentiments; he speaks to the essence of what he believes within.
Thinking about this I wonder for a while. I don’t know how to get to the answer myself. Finding the answer requires courage; a courage to face yourself than others.
Now, beware of questions like, what's the meaning of my life? Or what's the purpose of my life? God forbid, these questions don’t have a meaning in themselves. Beware of such questions that cloud you. Questions that have no answers are not questions at all, but rather illusions that keep you masturbating throughout your life; and you deserve real sex :P
One day; magically the answer might out of nowhere and bite anyone in the ass. Ouch! And a hard bite it might be.


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