Xolo Q800 – All in one guide – Rooting, Applications, Underclocking, Updates and more!

Disclaimer: This guide is for XOLO Q800 with the MTK6589 chipsets. For users with MTK6589M, the results may vary.
I took some of this information all over the INTERNET. Some I tested myself and found it good. Hence I thank everyone who made it possible. If you want any clarifications please let me know.

As much as possible avoid installing apk outside playstore(s).

UPDATE : Make Xolo Q800 camera work in other camera applications
When using third party Camera Apps in the Stock ROM, the camera output is very dark and bad. This tweak "might" fix it.
Go to the scene mode setting in the 3rd party camera app and set it to anything other than Auto. You'll find that the camera becomes as good as the built in stock Camera. Enjoy.
Eg, In Picsart Photo Studio, open camera, select some scene mode other than auto and Voila! the camera works fine.

UPDATE : Android XOLO Q800 (or any Jelly bean phone for that matter) continuously restarts after installing LBE Privacy Guard

LBE privacy guard is an app which helps the rooted user to define restrictions in app permissions. That's how I downloaded it from Play Store.
But the phone kept restarting after I installed and run it for the first time. The phone would restart work normally for a few seconds and then restart (restart loop).
The solution is to go to settings > Apps > Downloaded > LBE Privacy guard and force stop it before it begins running. 
It took more time for the phone to restart when starting from a clean power off. So If you have this problem, try switching off and then switching on and then force stopping the app as it gives you more time than after concurrent automatic restarts.

Rooting and CWM:

Underclocking and saving battery(requires root):
Underclocking requires root! And read the section fully before you try.
Use voltage control application to underclock from 1209 MHz to 988 MHz. It helps you save a lot of battery. I really mean it! It saves. Unfortunately, the kernel doesn't support overclocking(which you may not need at all) or undervolting (which would have helped).
Make sure that you make the flashable zip, to restore the previous state in case something happens. Avoid applying settings at boot, if you are not sure of the settings.

Taking screenshot(requires root):
Use Ascreenshot application from play to take screenshots.

Taking movable clockwork mod backups:
Set the backup format as tar and do backups, that way you get to avoid blobs, and you can safely move around individual backups.

Installing Adobe flash Player and playing swf files:
(or you can Google for “Adobe archived flash-player” and get the same link, if you don't trust mine)
In there download the latest version for android.
For some reason Opera Mini downloads the apk as a zip file. So, if you are using opera mini, do rename the file as apk after downloading.
Install the apk.

Now install any swf player from Google play and you are good to go!

Record video in 1080p:
Set the video quality to “fine” and you'll be able to record in 1080p. However, this doesn't work on the MTK6589M chipset. The MTK6589M chipset continues to record only in 720p irrespective of the setting change.

Engineering mode:
The engineering code for Q800 is *#446633#. Just type in dial pad and you'll get options. Do not mess around in the settings and whine. Look before you leap.

File sharing:
Use Wi-Fi direct if you need to transfer files between two compatible devices. Else use “Fast file transfer” to transfer bigger files, for phones which do not have only Wi-Fi and no Wi-Fi direct.

Still does not work!

Music Player :
Clean Music Player.

Firewall and security to prevent apps from accessing INTERNET(requires root):
Use Droidwall.

Freezing Applications (requires root):
App Quarantine. Again, know what you are doing. Don't freeze everything you see.

File manager:

Blocking Advertisements (requires root):
Use Adfree. Download it from Slide me app store.

Video Player:
Should I say it again?

Running Desktop Ubuntu(and other Linux distros) inside Android (requires root):
Linux on Android Project. (Complete Linux Installer).

Improve Xolo Q800 Camera:
You can improve the camera quality drastically by installing Android 4.2 camera in the original stock 4.1.2 Xolo Stock ROM. I feel that the camera quality has improved much better after using the 4.2 camera in android 4.1.2. Xolo's camera turned amazing.I really have no idea what happened.

Follow instructions on the below link to get Android 4.2 Camera for Xolo Q800 on the stock ROM.


Anonymous said…
Is it any possible way to get OTG working??? with xolo Q800 MTK6589 chipset
Ranjith said…
No one has found a way to make USB OTG work in Xolo Q800 so far.
cnuis2cool said…

Neither 3G (using SIM1) nor 2G (using SIM2) working on my XOLO Q800. It happened recently. 2G used to work until I rooted my device.

Now I am using my phone without Internet. You can imagine how horrible it is.

Help me guys.

Ranjith said…
Hi Srinivas.
You must have taken a CWM backup before rooting. Use that backup to restore phone to previous working state.
If you don't have a backup, or if you want a rooted device, try installing a variety of custom ROMs available for XOLO Q800.
Hope that helps.
Gi Yi said…
Hi Ranjith,

I want to buy Xolo mobile. which one is best Xolo Q700i or Xolo Q800 X Edition? n how's the sound quality of the both phones in earphones. both phone launch in nov 2013. Kindly suggest. thanks
Ranjith said…
I would suggest the Xolo Q800 X-edition. If you need USB OTG then you might want to search whether Q700i has it. But I don't think Q800 has it.
Gi Yi said…
Thanks for the reply.. how's the sound quality in given earphones. waiting for reply.. thanks..
Ranjith said…
Sound Quality is moderate. If you need good sound, you may have to upgrade your head/ear phones to something better.
Anonymous said…
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