Movies which everyone should watch before they are 23 years old

#1 Fight Club
Quantity: 50 and regular doses whenever needed

Go watch this movie 50 times at a stretch. If that isn’t enough go ahead and Watch this movie when you feel overwhelmed by social dogma shit. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are in their best form ever.
I prefer the movie over the book because it’s fast and very visualizing.
Don’t forget to listen to the fight club sound track by the Dust Brothers; Very creepy and sexy. You’ll find sound track named like Medulla Oblongata, Psycho boy jack etc.

#2 Breakfast Club

Do you miss those happy school days of yours? Or was it extremely boring like mine?
Whatever the case you’ll love this movie. How kids feel about their parents and try to come out of the social bounds; Very well written and directed.

#3 Vick Christina Barcelona
Not that Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson are Drop Dead Gorgeous (and you can see them kissing each other too); it’s a very good Woody Allen movie! Now that’s worth a try isn’t it?
No seriously, watch it. It’s good and it revolves around a very elegant threesome.

#4 Gladiator
Russell Crowe suits best in the role than anyone else. Go rent it out and watch it like a 100 times.

Hint: You really haven’t seen and felt the movie if you didn’t cry when Lucilla says “Is Rome worth one good man's life? We believed it once. Make us believe it again. He was a soldier of Rome. Honour him.”

It was because of her safeguarding son nature that Maximus had to die in the first place; So much for dialogues. Smirk. But it’s still the best one ever.

#5 Crimson Tide

There are no women in this movie after the first 10 minutes when they weep and leave their husbands alone for Christ’s sake.

After that its only Men and ONLY men Handling shit. Denzel Washington plays the part pretty well.
Friction, Heat, Domination, Control, Ego, Friendship, Enmity, Everything that happens when men come into contact; you’ll see all in this movie.

#6 Man from the earth

What happens if a person lives for a million years?
Find out.

PS: I’ll keep this list updated in a new post. 


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