A tribute to Nokia and their Smart Phones - A Facebook rant

This is about Nokia. They deserve one.

I have been convincing myself to not do this act for a long time now and I lost to myself today. No matter how silly and weird this may sound, what's got to be done, got to be done. I am angry. Bear with me.

People around me who buy new phones these days couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on my Nokia 5800 even if I keep my mouth darn shut. I would do some base arguing but would brush aside the topic at the next possible turn.

Today a friend of mine who bought a new Phone boasted of a feature with the remark that it would take Nokia several generations to incorporate. The feature was the ability to type faster with a software called Swype which integrated with the Qwerty onscreen Keyboard. (It's a nice application; check it out) His statement was so loaded with Language that I had to pause and reflect within myself for a while to react to it. I couldn’t let it go this time. And that how this rant originated.

Let me tell you some History First. I am going to brag; you are warned.

I bought a Nokia 6600 one week after completing 12th standard (2006). The phone cost me Rs. 8800. I got it at a time when 95% of the people around me didn’t understand the term "Smart Phone". That is because a lot of smart phones didn’t exist at the time other than Nokia with a few Exceptions.

Nokia 6600, a S60 v2 device; had a 6MB internal Memory and a 104 MHz ARM 9 Processor and looked like a solid self defence brick that could break open anyone's head. I loved it.

I remember installing applications like Xplore and when people around me saw the phone showing drives as C, D, E like in a PC they always got amazed. This is of course very common in phones these days. I read a lot of books using the Mobipocket EBook reader and there were a huge lump of software available. There was no OVI Store at that time. And the rest is History.

Nokia grew and I got my Hands on the Next Smart phone Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in 2009.
Nokia 5800 had 81 MB internal storage and 128 MB RAM with a 434 MHz ARM 11 Processor.
It was me and my phone and we lived happily undisturbed. So much for History.

In the recent present smart phones have become a common thing. That is good. Technology is to be shared and has to reach among everyone. I respect that and I agree with that.


I get seriously annoyed when a person comes to me and says," Did you know that there is an application through which I can save battery in my phone?"

And I would give them a courteous smile feeling happy at their new; old conquest.

Or they would ask something like, "Did you know that I can use the Flash in my Phone as a Torch light by means of a software available for my OS? Can you do that in your Nokia?"

That would annoy me a little bit, but I would still brush it aside; smiling. I would say to myself, "I have been using such a software for a couple of years now".

And one day I hit the peak of my annoyance when they started comparing their mobiles with mine. They would find a software with a specific purpose and enquire whether it is possible in my Nokia or not. They found pleasure this way.

And these days I find it a common slang to blatantly belittle Nokia's older smart phones at any given chance because anybody can purchase a mobile with a 1.2 Ghz high GPU processor.

May be Nokia's older phones have fallen out of favour, but It is my humble request to everyone who read this to never ever compare a Legend like Nokia and the Good Old Symbian operating system to the Toys which are available in the market today. These old Phones are almost half a decade old; leave them alone. If you want a comparison game try it with the Lumia 800. Thank you. 

P.S: I have been using Swype for the past 3 years in my phone.
P.P.S:  I feel better now.


Ishan said…
N9 has Swype.
Ranjith said…
Yes It does, and 5800 has had swype since ages too.

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