Custom/Stock ROM for DOMO Slate N8 - rooted and ready!

I am not responsible if something happens to your tablet! The credit for developing these ROM goes for the respective builders. I found these ROM searching Google for an alternative WM8650 ROM, as DOMO slate is also based on WM8650, and my Tablet was running a little slow and needed a boost.

Flashing Stock ROM:

Download original firmware if something goes wrong and flash it.
Go to DOMO slate website and in downloads section, download the firmware. DOMO slate N8/ Firmware Android 2.2 (2GB)( around 186 MB) ( This link might change.
If you want to flash this firmware, just extract the zip file and place the ”FirmwareInstall” folder and the “wmt_scriptcmd” file in the root of the sd card, insert the SD card into the tablet and power on the device.
The device will automatically flash the OS.
Flashing Custom ROM:

For DOMO slate N8, the following are the custom ROMs, which I have identified so far.
1. Uberoid v12 WM8650.
2. Midervadroid V2 WM8650.
3. Modroid V11 - lite WM8650.
I recommend Modroid v11-lite, as it is simple and I love the volume boost!
To flash any of the above firmware,
1.       Just unzip the file whatever you have downloaded.
2.       Go to FirmwareInstall/env folder.
3.       Delete all files in the env folder.
4.       Now copy the env_uboot file found inside the FirmwareInstall/env folder of the original rom downloaded from the DOMO slate site, in the previous step, into the FirmwareInstall/env folder of the custom rom which you have now downloaded.
5.       Copy the FirmwareInstall folder and wmt_scriptcmd file into the sdcard and power on the device. The ROM will be installed and follow the instructions.
6.       You are done.
The firmware must be already rooted too.


Anonymous said…
i want to root my domo n8 3rd, help me,
Ranjith said…
I'll give you a general guideline.
Find your tablet's chipset.
Then Google for information based on the chipset.
Hope that helps.

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