A word on Personal Integrity - The real way to obtain integrity!

If you look up a typical dictionary, you'll find the following meaning for integrity.

Definition 1:
"The state of being whole and undivided:"

Definition 2:
"Moral soundness"

Now you might be wondering why I am quoting these. Well, well, a few days ago I stumbled across a webpage which claimed to advice people on the "Steps to achieving integrity". I literally "Stumbled" upon this page through stumbleupon, a great place to find new ideas (though occasionally it sucks, but sometimes, makes my day).

The webpage had usual shit which they write in self help books. It said that the following to be followed for achieving integrity:
1. Always be honest.
2. Keep up your word.
3. Don't procrastinate.
4. Be punctual.
5. Be humble all the time and let everybody else take away your opportunity.
6. More shit coming up...... stay tuned. It's gonna turn smelly.

I always find in the English language that words don’t all the time possess meanings; they have perspectives. Just like morality, freedom and happiness (and many more words); Integrity is also a word with a perspective. You cannot learn it from some god damn website or a person, you gotta feel it.

You are whole with yourself when you go by what you feel. That's integrity. In that sense, a true feeling like "wanting to Procrastinate" is indeed Integrity!

Don't let some stupid website decide integrity for you. Don't live life out of a guide book. That sucks man. Stay away.

Choo choo.

Integrity comes with its own risk. The moment you possess integrity, you possess a great power. You get the power to decide and think for yourself, to do what you think is right, and that is a great responsibility.
I'll leave the rest of the thinking to you. But integrity is what gives you strength to face adversities with firm belief in you. It is what gives you courage to come late to the office and still use the front door (I do it all the time). It is what gives you courage to speak up even if your voice is shaking.

Movie characters! How could I have forgotten? In fact, I have something coming up in my mind right now.


Andy Dufresne's character (played by Tim Robbins) in Shaw Shank redemption.
Great personal integrity! Really great personal integrity! I admire him all the time. That man had balls the size of coconuts!

More characters are raining out, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) from fight club, Maximus (Russel Crowe) from Gladiator and so on.

Hey, I could rant throughout the day about this, but I think I have said enough. Good day ;)


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