How to make the best, simple and most Effective To-do list in the whole wide world and a become a badass in productivity

I am gonna give my opinion about to-do lists. The simpler the to-do list, the more better it is to manage and follow through.

I write down whatever I got to do, whenever I remember something, on a piece of paper I carry around. I have to remember to carry just a pencil and a paper.

When I complete the task, I strike the sentence/task through. Simple. No hassles. No annoying reminders.

I like the feel it gives me whenever I complete the task and strike it through, using the pencil; Makes me want to do more.

Now after my Android Phone Pitched in, I found an app replacement for the paper and pencil.

The application is, "Do it tomorrow". Search it up in Google play and download it.

The interface is pretty simple and similar to my paper model.

I add entries in the application, and when I complete them, I can strike them through.

Whatever I did not complete today automatically gets moved on to tomorrow. Simple. Flawlessly simple. Try it out.

I just gave you the shortest and the best to-do management course on history. Buy me a beer.


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