The process and cycle of Change in the world and how to change for good!

I was thinking about how buildings were imploded. It's a process in which buildings are brought to the ground with explosives. They charge the building with ammo after identifying all the correct spots and on one fine day they blow the trigger. The entire building comes down. Just like that.

A second ago there was a building, and a second later there it is no more.

It occurred to me that change never happens gradually, it only happens instantaneously, contrary to popular belief.

You might argue that they have been charging and inspecting the building for an entire week before it was blown, and that should be counted too. But I'll argue back with the possibility that that was only the process of change and not change itself. After a week, if they didn’t blow the trigger, the building would still be there, intact.

Consider the orbitals in an atom. The electron jumps from one orbital state to another. But how does the electron jump from one orbital to another? Spare me the scientific details, but am asking exactly how the electron physically travels from one orbital to another. Does it move in a fast speed to the next orbital?

Here is the answer: The electron vanishes from one orbital and appears in another orbital. Snap. Just like that.

How about changes in human beings?

Have you seen the movie Bedazzled? It's a good movie, check it out. BTW, the devil (Elizabeth Hurley) is hot.

The movie introduces the Hero (Elliot), as a Wimp/ Idiot person and narrates throughout, how the devil grants him seven wishes and the way they end up messing him badly, instead of making him happy.
The best scenes of the movie are the first couple of scenes and the last couple of scenes. Elliot changes from a pussy to badass, at the end of the movie. The entire movie might be the process of change, but he is a changed person only at the end of the movie.  You could see the stark difference between how he behaves at first, to how he behaves at the end of the movie.

Sometimes we change and do not know that we have changed at all. It happens so instantaneously that it escapes our notification.

About the cycle of change, I call it the belief development bitch cycle. I named it bitch cycle, because whenever a person changes, people just can't digest it. They bitch around, trying to change him to how he was before. Look at the way by which Elliot's friends mock him at the end of Bedazzled. Man, I love that scene and the way by which he reacts. You got to see this movie!

The belief development bitch cycle continues as follows:
1. A person, (let's call him Elliot) changes. Elliot changes.
2. Elliot acts differently according to his changed nature.
3. People start bitching around him whining about his changed nature and try to make him back to how he was.
4. Elliot continues to act the way he wants to act and retaliates back. Way to go Man!
5. People leave him alone for good.

Now that's the belief development bitch cycle.

(The term Belief development bitch cycle is copyrighted 2012. All rights reserved to the author, Ranjith Gomez. If you want to use this terminology, kindly notify me and quote me when using it. That's all I ask.)

Voila! And that's the way, the cookie crumbles.


Rano Majhi said…
Must say I really liked your post about change and yeah also about your "BELIEF DEVELOPMENT BITCH CYCLE" :P

"It takes moments attempting to change but a moment to just change" as inspired from your post... Nice :)
Ranjith said…
Thank you Rano. Wow. Your inspired quote is good Improv. Couldn't have said it better.
We keep on trying to change when we can... Just change!
It is interesting for me to quote here that the BATMAN comic series introduces joker as a malleable personality. Joker wakes up every morning, and decides whom he is going to be and just goes away with it. Kinda creepy, but talks to the essence of this post.

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