Best Specialized Linux Distributions tailored for Artists/Painters/Photographers/Musicians/writers/troubleshooting and for the creative mind!

I need to keep this blog post short and give you a short glimpse of a variety of Linux distributions available to tailor much specific and generic requirements.

These are also wonderful Linux distributions for offline use, which are capable of doing a variety of tasks at hand. I am gonna leave out main stream Operating systems like Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse etc., for this listing.

AVLinux - DVD - I found this Debian based distribution to be much balanced in fields from Music to graphics and Photography. It even has wine built in along with the entire Libreoffice Suite. A very good start for a well rounded installation containing almost all the software required for the creative mind.

Pros : Extremely fast to load from the Live DVD
Cons: It is a bit outdated. (eg. It has GIMP 2.6 instead of the latest 2.8)

ArtistX - DVD - This Beautiful Linux distribution based on UBUNTU, is really very beautifully designed and has enormous amount of software ready to run off the live DVD. This is the best DVD to download if you want a Linux distribution which has all the software you want, for offline usage. It has Wine up and running in the Live DVD and also has the Calligra Suite instead of Libreoffice. ArtistX uses Cairo-dock for its application interface.

Pros: Has all the software you could dream of.
Cons: I am unable to use SUDO command in the Live DVD. (It is allowing only the guest session to boot up). May be my mistake. If anyone can enlighten me, kindly do so.

Knoppix - CD and DVD -  This is built for speed, and has a very linear spread of applications for the generic user. The DVD version is very robust packing software for around 9 GB. It also has wine pre-installed and ready to run. Boots off of old computers very easily.

Openartist - DVD - Another humongous Linux distribution with creative software for complete offline use. Also has wine.

Ubuntu Studio - DVD -  It has a good collection of creative software, but the absence of Libreoffice suite kind of turned me off. Writers are artists too.

Ultimate Boot CD  -  CD - A good collection of tools for trouble shooting.

Puppy Linux - CD - A very small yet powerful operating system. There is a windows installer which installs Puppy Linux in windows and helps you boot into Puppy by adding a boot menu, without disturbing windows in any way, shape or form.

If you've read my blog before, you'll note that all articles are stubs and that I'll keep on updating them. If you feel like I've missed out any of your favourite specialized distributions, let me know ;)


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