Philosophy Bites - The art of talking less – The advantages of talking as little as possible

The silent mysterious type heroes in the movies, always talk less, and when they talked, everybody listened.  This post is a fork of what it would be like to talk less.

Advantages of talking less:
  • It prevents you from leaking information which may be used to harm you in the future.
  • It gives you a mysterious aura, since others have very little information of what you are doing, why you are doing what you are doing, and how you are effectively able to do it.
  • Talking less quiets your mind, giving you peace and more space in your head to think. And also helps prevent garbage in your thoughts.
  • Talking less keeps you grounded and help you stay in that Alpha Brain Wave state.
  • When you speak, you’ll have had a lot to think and hence helps with your speech. You’ll have emotional control over what you say and do.
  • You’ll only say what is important and hence your words will be valued more.
  • Talking less will make you act more and hence people will be looking at actions instead of words. You’ll notice that people who are busy and have to think a lot tend to talk less and less.
  • Remember! Brevity is the soul of wit.

There are some negative side effects if you talk less in the wrong way.
  • First thing. You’ll have to talk when you have to talk; stand up for shit, else you’ll be thought as a sissy/wimp/coward.
  • Talking less should not stand in the way of you expressing yourself to people you want to express things to, good or bad.
  • Remember, you may have to act more to compensate for the lack of talk. The naïve quote, “Actions speak louder than words”, is not so naïve after all.
  • But overall, you’ll be respected more, honored more, and most importantly you’ll be loved and adored more.

  • I am not talking about talking less for the sake of talking less. Talking less will create much more space in your head that you’ll freak out initially if you are not channeling that energy somewhere. If showing off by talking less is your fantasy you might have to think about it.
  • Everybody has a different personality, and the level of talking less should be tailor made to your personality. Think!


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