Fx File Explorer – The best Android File Manager Yet – Browse like Windows and Linux

I never thought I would be writing a review for an application in android. But this one was so beautiful and elegant, that I felt compelled to write one.

I have always craved for a file manager in Android that lets me treat my mobile device, not so mobile.

The mobile methodology of file browsing through trees or lists was not effective in managing files effectively. I found it cumbersome to use and tried my best to avoid file browsing in the phone.

Why can’t Android have a traditional file manager like Windows Explorer, or like Linux file managers (Thunar, Nautilus, Nemo etc.), which would make file browsing a lot easier on a mobile device?

And thus came FX file explorer, on a search in Google Play.
Boy was I happy.

Traditional window management, zoom in and zoom out of icons to make them bigger or smaller, built in text editor, bookmarks at the top, search bar for instant file search, script runner and root file browser, were all the things that made this application so intuitive and useful.

They even have made the root access plug-in free, and there are no ads. The file manager is free with root browsing capabilities. Apparently, you’ll have to buy the network plug-ins to use network services in the file manager (at the time of this post, network management plug-in costs 169.14 INR).

Hey, thought I’d let all the android users know. Enjoy!


sandeep said…
I hope you've tried ES file explorer which has root explorer capabilities along with file browsing on network connected devices via, FTP, Samba(windows shares) etc. apart from local file browsing. its all free. I haven't seen anything close even in paid versions of any apps...
sandeep said…
i forgot to mention about built in text editor and media player which has helped me in many a hacks.
Ranjith said…
Yup. I have tried ES file Explorer. ES file explorer is definitely very good.
I find the working of FX more intuitive and free flowing with the native file and view menu, and the shortcuts I get to keep on the Home page with the search bar.
Besides, root browsing is free in FX file explorer (you have to install the small root plugin). Network is paid though.
Innerphaze said…
I love FX file Explorer, Ive been using the paid version for a couple years now. It was one of the first paid apps I bought. Never had a problem with it, and I agree it feels more intuitive to use as well.
One gripe I am having lately is that it doesn't support Bit Torrent Sync or AeroFS for cloud folders. Here's hoping!

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