The bioscope theory of life – It's movie time

Between the fear that something would happen and the hope that still it wouldn't, there is much more space than one thinks. On that narrow, hard, bare and dark space a lot of us spend their lives.”
- Ivo Andric

As a kid, whenever I saw a car crashing scenes in movies, I used to wonder about what I shall do if I had all those broken cars given to me. I would repair them, make new ones out of them and drive them all along the way happily.

I was wondering what the main reason for unhappiness is. Eventually, like all the people who lived before me said, happiness is a pretty neutral and natural state. It is like the pure water which just exists. A person normally is happy, until you add something to the water, which either sweetens it or stinks it.

We see our lives through these tiny bioscopes. Ever seen these binocular like things through which they used to show movies at old times? Life to us is like these small movies which keep running all around and we choose to see the movies which we want. Mind me, I am not talking about taking things positive and all that crap. Life ain't that cheap.

At this moment, a bird might be humming some part of the world, an alien eating pizza in mars as he witnesses how weird humans are or a beautiful woman may be swimming in a pond, under dusk. Too bad you won't get to see all of them.

The point is that we have a choice of movies to see.

It is always true that a third person will be better able to see a problem than the two people fighting. Why is that so? It is because a third person sees something which these two people do not care to see - Movies of others and their situations. I doubt the belief that a thrid person can solve the problem though.

The more the same kind of movies we see in our lives, the more narrow our life becomes. The more narrow our life becomes, the more miserable(not necessarily but more often) and one sided our lives are. We continue to worry about the same things day in and day out.
You get up in the morning and you start brushing, then movies of the amount of work load which you'll have to do that day, comes up before you, or the not so good things you gotta do that day.

Then you move to your garden and you switch movies now. You start listening to the birds, the flowers and then you are not much anxious about the day anymore.

You fight with your wife, and instead of thinking all day about it, about how bad the fight was, about how mad you were, you plan a trip with your friends and enjoy the day. After our return you feel happy and even though you may logically feel that you are in a fight, you still dont have that emotion of struggle. You are at ease.

Such is the effect of shifting our lenses away from the everyday narrowness our lives get entangled with.

Your brain is the primary cause for the increase narrowed behaviour. You see, the brain prioritises events in terms of importance. And though it was useful for us in the hunter-gatherer sense of the world, such is not the case anymore. You can let go.

I just though I'd type some random stuff which came up in my mind today. It is completely impossible for me to type the three dimensional depth which I feel about certain things. I might be wrong, another bad idea. Ultimately at the end of the world, there is no one good thing or bad thing. The truth is to do, “whatever works”.


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