Blistering barnacles, thundering typhoons and half assed behaviour

There is only one road block in life - HALF-ASSED BEHAVIOUR. That's it.

Let me tell you two stories: 

Story #1 

A scorpion comes to the edge of a river and is unable to cross it. It finds a frog swimming in the pond, and asks the frog to drop him on the other side of the river.

The frog, with clarity, tells the scorpion, "Hey, you'll sting me and I'll die. I won't take you on my back"

The scorpion replies," Hey, if I sting you put there in the middle of the river, while you are crossing, both of us get to drown and die. I swear I won't do it."

The frog appreciates the logic of the scorpion and allows it to climb on his shoulder.

The frog swims to around half way across the river and *sting*, the scorpion stings the frog.

The frog in tears, says to the scorpion, "Why in the world did you sting me? Look, now both of us are going to die"

The scorpion replies, "Iam a scorpion. I sting". Understand the story under your own intelligence.

True Story #2

I decided to buy Motorola Fire XT after some careful consideration, because that phone gave me better specifications on hardware for that price range.

I went to a mobile showroom in my place to buy the mobile. The guy there tried to convince me to a great degree that Sony's live with walkman (which is again, another android phone) is a much better choice coming with an additional cost of 4000 rupees. I listened to all the blah blah shit he talked about how Temple run (a game) won't run in Fire XT and all that.

I listened to him intently and finally stuck to my decision on fire XT as I found the bargain on the new model not worth the additional cost.

The sales man was kind of worried about his tricks not working, but I came out of the shop happy with my new mobile on buying it whole heartedly. Now, very few things are more necessary in life than this.

PS: I was able to run Temple run on my Motorola Fire XT :P


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