Why people are such a pain in the ass - OMG! A bright white ray of love

Happy New Year guys! I know you have been having fun. 
This New Year was a usual for me. I got to visit grammas, Gramps, Kids, distant relatives and wish them and get blessings. Not that I actually care about that but I got to do what I got to do. One thing I usually notice during these visits is that one person say, my grandma would be more affectionate towards one of the grandchildren. People have their favourites in relatives. In fact we all have our favourites; something which someone new to your life might not understand.
I love the hotel scene in the Tamil movie "Mounam Pesiyathe". It's pretty cool how the actors portray these deep emotions out of the blue.


For the people who don’t understand Tamil, the scene goes like this. 
A guy invites his friend to a birthday treat of his girlfriend. Now, his friend doesn’t like love and when he sees his girlfriend, creates a scene and leaves. Now the girlfriend says to him "I told you not to invite him". That's when the scene cracks like a whip. The boyfriend stands the ground and says, "You might leave me any moment and marry anyone, but my friend will stay with me and help me out until the end (which the friend does in the movie, In fact the friend guy actually fights with her parents to marry her to her boyfriend.) Never talk about him". Now Am not a good dialogue writer. But you get my point. Great! Let's move.

Some people just mean more to us. Wow. What a surprise! Great! 
May be its how they were the ones who helped you study as you were in your poor young age. 
May be they were the only person in the family who actually cared for you and gave you hope and love under difficult times and made you the person who you are now.
May be it's a friend on whom you can simply trust and count who has helped you through really difficult times in your life (we all have had them).
Some people mean a little more to us. They may be total crap to the rest of the world. They may have a bad temper which annoys people. They may get drunk and be an asshole.  They might even have an attitude problem. But you still like that person. They still mean to you.
But the trouble comes when another important person comes in to your life and decides that they hate this person for good. Now that's clean. Even better!
This happens in most cases to... You guessed it right; between you and your girl friend(s).

Make her see how you feel and try to make her understand through your bright light ray of love. That's kind of girly and you now look like her girlfriend. Don't do that either. 
Do something in between or if you are an asshole, don’t do anything at all. (With all great respect to your girlfriend)
No matter how much you might want to see both of you as a single person, you are indeed separate people. Love your girlfriend. Love like a lady (That's one of the three principles of my life). But don’t let even her to blind you away from what really means to you.
A boring day meeting old relatives but an observation would reveal subtle emotional cries when people see each other after a long time.  I was out investigating their pasts and they were quite meaningful to each other especially when an old gramps cried seeing my mother. It was a day full of snoop.
Am the least or may be the best person to give you a relationship advice, but you get my point again don’t ya?


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