Comfortably Numb

Have you ever burnt a book?
It’s very painful. (To the book that is)
Books don’t burn easily.
When ignited, they catch fire but after some time, the flame puffs out.
For effectively burning the book, it must be tortured, ripped apart page by page.
don't want to get into the Gory Details.

People all around me are talented. They play good music, are excellent intellectuals, and efficient stock pickers.
The last time, I listened to Fur Elise by Beethoven, I was mesmerised by the way seven different piece of Frequencies along with their half notes, could produce such a sweet sounding music with varying pitch combinations.

I tried and tried and miserably failed to estimate the probability of Beethoven having come up with that piece of music, playing different notes at random.

They call it destiny, you meeting your Girlfriend. The past always looks like destiny doesn’t it? A million pens made in a factory and the one pen that you buy was also meant for you. Destiny. The Shirt you buy and the laptop you get. Destiny. Shit.

Yes Destiny, for the sake of the death of a Young Squirrel. I shall call it Destiny too!

Ya ya, you cannot connect the dots looking Forward. It is because you simply can’t connect the dots looking forward. The Entropy of the world is very high. Everybody can connect the dots looking backward. The past is easily predictable. Isn’t it?

I am now sick of Expertise at any levels. It’s not long before I concluded that there are no experts. The word is false. Words like, “The illegitimate child” or “A Stupid Person”.

I played my first song with careful Concentration in 45 days after I first touched a Guitar in my life. Voila, Am a 45 day expert in the science of Guitar. I know no shit about it.

And wow, am an Expert too!

I stopped checking the speed of the download of files in my browser. When I want a file, i click the link wait for the download to start and I move on. Its much pleasure to come after awhile to see my file completely downloaded than to check my file download every five minutes and find it not downloaded yet. It just damns with me in the latter way. Why would my stupid up browser not download at a proper speed? I feel pity for the people who check the state of their stocks with widgets running in their Phone's Home screen. They must feel pretty bad more often. I smile. I continue to smile.


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