Dialogues from Original Sin - The definition of love

Alan:   So, Luis, is it love after all...
             ...or is it just lust?
Luis:    Is there a difference?
Alan:  Oh, yes.
            To love someone is to give and then want to give more.
Luis:    And lust?
            What is lust, Alan?
Alan:  Lust is to take and then take more.
            To devour, to consume. No logic, no reason.
            So...give, take.
            Which is it?
Luis:   Both.
            I want to give her everything.
            And I want to take everything from her.
Alan:  Oh, Luis. You are a lost man.

I would watch, The Original Sin several times simply for the movie’s Dialogue and Cast. The Dialogue especially is brilliant.

Like I always say, Movies are the best examples to start a blog post :P

A friend of mine was afraid of losing his girlfriend. She hadn’t texted me in Two days, he said confused. Actually she had lost her Mobile and you know the rest...
Observing at how delicate, these relationships are was the only thing I could do. Did you see the Disney Series, Naturally Sadie? If you haven’t, catch it the next time it’s aired. I like Sadie. She is a good observer, and her internal Dialogue is Awesome!! Go Sadie!!

My friend still continues to try to impress his girlfriend. They have been together for a year now and still, a small tinge of dissatisfaction and he goes crazy. Isn’t there a time when you simple stop thinking about pleasing her??

I don’t know about Relationships. I have been an observer more than an actor, but these Humans, they put more effort into the other person than on the relationship.

I hate Math!!!
Caution: Math Situation Ahead, either read, or run away Screaming!!

This is my first useful Application of Venn Diagrams :D

A= Boyfriend.
B= Girlfriend.
C= Relationship.
A proper Relationship solution would be,
A(Intersection)B = 0.
A(Intersection)B(Intersection)C= Whatever love they have for each other.

That’s the geekiest Definition of Love ever Made, I think :P
Whatever It’s a weird world out there. Who Cares.

Luis:    Julia, I just killed a man!
Julia:   I just bought a hat.


OTDamilola said…
The lines from the movie were crazy. I saw it a few times years back. I was looking for the
Poison scene lines when I stumbled on this. And I like.
Wendy Bevan said…
Love this movie and that quote! I saw it way back then and this scene has stuck with me ever since.

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