Emotional Masturbation

Have you ever seen a Movie that just blew you off your feet?

My hands go high as Films have been one of my Greatest Inspirations. When they come with messages, they hit you hard don’t they?

You sometimes come out of the theatre watching a movie, say, which tells you so much about the importance of living your life and, you decide that, from now on, "I am not gonna waste a single moment of your life".
How long does this message stay within you?

How long does the effect of the movie last?  You are so very convinced about some of the messages sometimes, which you try to enact them for at least them for a few hours. But then, the effect decreases and then, you just continue to be who you are earlier.  

There are actors which I have tried to portray. My legends include Russell Crowe from Gladiator, Rock from Faster and a lot more.

I was once asked to give a speech about a movie that was starred once in my neighbourhood. That’s when I first used the term Emotional Masturbation (with some Scornful faces being created on the crowd).  I remember having heard it in One of Carlos’s Books.

Emotional Masturbation signifies the Pleasurable feeling generated within you when you watch movies which match your spirit at the moment. Lovers like to watch all romance Movies and feel all good about their wonderful relationship.

Emotional Masturbation is good to some degrees. It results in a lot of Inspiration on how to lead your life. But a continued dependence on it destroys the message all together neutralises the effect.

Some like to sulk about events which went bad and somehow they feel pleasure over it; say a break up (am naming the most common ones). That’s emotional Masturbation too! A form of emotional Masturbation, which is Very Dangerous!

Emotions in a human being are transient, always remember that. They keep on moving, that's why emotion is named "e-motion".

Emotion should set you in motion, not Masturbation. I don’t know, too much dependence on euphoria kills the whole process.  I just felt like letting this piece of information out.

"Hitting bottom isn't a weekend retreat. It's not a goddamned seminar. "
                                                               - Tyler Durden, Fight Club.


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