The best relationship advice in the whole wide world - Read it, this might change your life - Or maybe it won't.

Wanna know a simple one stop solution to any relationship problems. The solution is so simple that after you read this post you won't need any relationship counselling at all. And you will also know to tackle any kind of relationship problems you face with your girlfriend / Wife.

Here is the solution.
"Individual Happiness"

Both the people involved in the relationship should be happy and comfortable in their own personal lives. If you are in a relationship, that includes YOU.

Many relationships are built on some kind of co-dependency. This dependency will not be satisfied since a person realises (once all the initial happiness of overflowing love fades away) that the other person also has the same boring life. Take care of your own shit, and the relationship will take care of itself.

That's all I wanted to say. Anything more is a complete waste of time; mine and yours.


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